Spacecast - Unreleased


Due to circumstances beyond our control we (I3T and the Analyst) Were unable to record new material for Spacecast In Depth this month. (I - The Analyst - was away for much of the month. Our scheduled recording session was interrupted by 1001 workmen and Batman Arkham Knight was released.... Don't look at me like that.. Arkham Knight's important!!)


So I weren’t through the archive and coming of a DC Batman filled in depth I found a recording we made upon the announcement of Batman 66 being released on DVD. I went on an enthusiastic Retro Reaction... I3T has different views on this much loved series.

This is Spacecast Unreleased...


SpaceCast Analysis - DC Comics Part 2 1990 - Present

Join us as we analyse DC Comics for part 2 of our in depth Analysis. We follow DC Comics from the early 1990s to the modern era looking at Crossover Comics TV and Movies

Spacecast Analysis - DC Comics (Part 1)

I3T takes the lead in this months Spacecast Analysis. 

Our resident comics expert looks at the history of Comics with a focus on DC Comics. 

Join us as we analyse how DC Comics took over the early Comics market and quickly  moved into Radio, eventually conquering TV  Film to become the well known brand we have today. We follow DC Comics up to the 1990s in Part One of our DC Comics Analysis 

Spacecast Analysis is available right here on, Itunes and Sticher Smart Radio, 


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