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SpaceCast Analysis


The SpaeCast quietly returned with the SpaceCast Awards last month. 

This Month we debut SpaceCast Analysis. With an in depth look at the 16 bit era of gaming. A must for fans of our Retro Reaction columns!



I3T and The Analyst look at the 16 bit era from  Business, Technological and Gaming perspectives. 

The in depth discussion which follows covers some of the top selling games and a look into the system's later add ons.

Join us with this debut Analysis Podcast. Also Available on ITunes and Stitcher Smart Radio for Android 

Happy New Year! Things Be Changing Round here

Happy New Year Readers. 

We hope you all had a great 2014, Great Christmas and wish you all the best for 2015. 


Here at the Spaceman we are looking at some changes for 2015. Sadly some of our blogs are going to be retired (Don't worry we will have an archive section so you can still read all the great article of yesteryear). There will be no new Seagulls book this year (though it's definitely not the end for Seagulls - see the end of The Forbidden Window). I am however working on another couple of book projects that I will share with you all at a later date (Which will be very soon). 


We are welcoming new column My Open Source World - A fortnightly look at my move over to the Linux operating System and the technical fun that followed.


I3T Will be  covering the Election and Returning with some Comics reviews.. And much much more!! 

Wrestling Analyst (which has no fixed Schedule)  and Retro Reaction (Every Friday) continue. 

The Wrestling Analyst opens this Year with some interesting WWE Listings for UK viewers you can read it all HERE



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