Another Update

Hello once again readers. 

Where is our new Spacecast? Where is the Wrestlecast I hear you ask. 

The answer is they're pretty much recorded, but we are not quite happy with them and don't feel right putting them out until they are 100% polished and ready to go. So although we do apologise unreservedly for the hiatus, we hope you will find like us that the new audio content is worth waiting for... In short don't un-subscribe to the Spacecast feed just yet ;)


In other news the Turning 30 Column co-written by myself and Drew -El is out of Beta and up. At the end of the year we will see how many of these turning 30 "challenges" we manage!! 

It's going to be fun watching us try at least.


Speaking of Drew El He has another little project for us on BTSM.

We are happy to present...



And that's coming soon!


Also be sure to check out our Wrestling section. The Wrestling Analyst has been looking into the WWE around Wrestlemania season as well as taking a look at TNA and the UK Indies.

Speaking of the UK indies our  Calander has had an update, and is well worth a look too.


Sometime soon I hope to be able to update you all with some .. pretty exciting Seagulls news too.







An Update

Hello Readers!  It's the Analyst here. 

I have a few updates for you.

A busy few weeks here at the Spaceman. 


Firstly our flagship podcast will be returning very soon. I have been taping what we are calling "season 2" with I3T and we have some good audio content to come your way soon. (I don't think it's giving much away to say we record these in advance.) The Spacecast has been on ITunes and Stitcher Radio for over a year now. So if you have a project you would like to feature on our well established Podcast drop us a line This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Hiding From Seagulls - The book I wrote last year is now available on Smashwords. It's completely free and well worth a read. Well I would say that wouldn't I? If you really, really like it - its on Kindle for 77p. I'm well on with the sequel so hopefully we will hear more from those Seagulls later in the year. 


Our run into Wrestling seems to have took off and the UK Wrestling Calendar has all the latest going on in the UK Scene. If we have missed a show you want to see on there again drop us an email. This week also sees the first Wrestling Analyst article on the UK Scene. 


The other news, I'm turning 30 soon. Disgracefully it would seem. I plan to keep you all informed with a "Turning 30" section shortly. Myself and Drew -El have a list of things we would like to do before (or in my case in) our 30th year.  Think of this as the documenting of a mid life crisis, and it all happens right here on and on our Spacecast (I'll be taking the audio recorder).


Until next time 

Have a great dayyyyyyyy!!!!!




SmashWords Freegulls Week

You may remember a while back I wrote the children's book "Hiding From Seagulls" Now we can offer the book for FREE Via Smashwords download book store.  Here you can download the book in whichever format your e-reader device reads. 

To take advantage of the offer head over to Smashwords page for Seagulls HERE

and use the following.

Coupon Code:VA27B
Expires:February 7, 2014


Have a great dayyyyyyyy!!!!!

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